Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
GEORGIA ROCKS! A road I drive on to work, lucky me!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well, I Thought I'd Drop By and Say "Hey!"

I am doing quite well. We had a nice break from school on Good Friday. I haven't, however, done what I needed to do.

I have been eating quite well, though. I have lost 14.5 pounds, give or take. I've just integrated exercise back in. I'm big on MUFAs. I am not eating white flour or sugar. I am eating produce. Frozen berries and shakes are BIG. I am eating protein. I am not eating dairy, the pig, or much beef except steak.

I am feeling grand. Well, make that past tense. Last night my sister came home with a magnificent smelling calzone. I ate the whole-wheat dough, cheese infested piece of deliciousness. DANGER, danger! It was great going down. However, my abdomen became BLOATED and angry with me. I woke up HOURS later feeling groggy and GROSS!

Not gonna do that anytime soon AGAIN!

Well, I hope that y'all have a great week!


angeljoy said...

Well, look who blogged! I've been missing you and thinking about you! So glad you are eating well. I need to get on that. Share your secrets.
Love ya.

teacherwoman said...

I was wondering if you fell off the face of the earth! Glad to hear one of us is eating well! Nice work with the weight loss!