Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Musings . . .

Well, it's a day closer to the end of the year. All my finals have been administered and it's time for grades to be calculated and everything to be put up. It's a happy and sad time for me. It's nice to have my work taken care of for a year. I'm getting to move to a new room with an ELMO, a SmartBoard, a CPS system, and other technological trinkets. The room I'm in now is a bowling alley, with no place to put a SmartBoard, so I'll be moving to a room with a closet and an office! Yipee! That's great.

Friday night is graduation. I LOVE these seniors so much. I didn't realize it until honors night. They are a nice group of relatively bright kids. I'll especially miss "my boys" who are three extremely smart, but slacker-y guys who love to argue and aggravate me. Two are going to college and one is going to the Navy.

David Cook. Winner of Idol. I love it. Archeletta (or however you spell it) is such the Mouseketeer. He's an excellent singer, but I don't like him. He's full of talent and will likely wind up on Broadway soon. Back to David Cook. His brother's bout with cancer and encouragement for Cook to try out for Idol was so sweet. At one point near the very end his brother mouthed at the camera, "That's my brother!" Supermom and I were just about crying. So sweet. I am excited to learn what David Cook will do. He's proven he'll do the unexpected, so I look forward to the results of his work.

Question regarding Idol: Do you vote based on the head-to-head competition on the final night or do you voted on the overall performance for the whole season? If you vote on that night only, David A. should have been your choice. Overall, which is what most people must've done, David C. should've won hands down.

This website is SO funny. These people's momma isn't very different from mine. I laughed SO hard at most postings. Genius.

My sister just told me that one of Steven Curtis Chapman's little girls was struck by an SUV driven by a teenage brother. This echoes what Rick Burgess went through earlier this year. So sad and so UN-understandable. I'm praying that grace be given in this situation to all concerned. I know it will.

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angeljoy said...

Broke my heart about SCC's little girl.
I've been much more cautious with my girl recently. Like I have so much control over life and death.