Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun This Week

Hey, y'all. It's been a good week. I enjoyed the variety of things I did. Monday and Tuesday were spent at a Geogebra seminar. Google Geogebra, if you're an educator or a nerd. It's a very good tool that unites algebra with the geometry. It will be used in my class a lot in the upcoming year. It seems to be really useful in helping students visualize the meaning of the equations of lines and how they go with the graphs of those lines. It'll be good for all levels. I'm very excited about implementing it, since I'll have access to laptop carts!

I'm finally almost through (about 10 pages to go) with In Cold Blood. If you think I've been reading this a while, TRUE. I'm really bad about NOT sitting down to read. I'll watch A LOT of TV, but reading seems to slip. You've got to devote all your attention to it. I can watch TV mindlessly, while doing any of a number of things. No excuse, I'm just sayin'. What's next? Maybe, finally, Lonesome Dove or The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency? Not sure.

Today, I did 4.18 miles on the treadmill. For some, that wouldn't even be a drop in the bucket, but for me, it's a TON. It was pretty difficult. I have run/walked 6 of the 7 days this week! I am so excited about that. If I can keep something like this up, I'll be good to go come August. I'm planning on running outside tomorrow, EARLY so I won't die. Mercy, it's hot here.

Stayed with Snoopy Wednesday and Thursday. Who knew she's quite the chef? Wednesday we had lemon pepper chicken and Jamaican jerk chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes. Delicious. Thursday, we had a skirt-steakish situation. That was really good, marinated in some steakhouse marinade. But the best was rosemary corn, roasted on the grill. You take little globs of butter and smush them (yes, technical term) on the washed corn on the cob. Then take rosemary and sprinkle it, letting it stick to the smushed butter. I think she grilled it for about thirty minutes. After it's through grilling, you let it sit for about ten minutes. That rosemary will totally permeate all the way to the cob! That may have been the best corn I've eaten. That was accompanied by a lovely baked potato. Yum is right.

I'm gonna go do a little cleaning.

Have a great Saturday, or whatever day you're reading this!

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angeljoy said...

After bootcamp on Wed., I couldn't exercise for about two days, but today I was up and at 'em and walked about 4 miles before eating breakfast at the bakery and getting a facial.

rosemary corn, eh?
speaking of supper, are we getting together next week?