Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Laaaazy Daaaaay

Well, I got up this morning and met Mrs. C. at the gym sometime around 8:30. Treadmilled it like a champ! It was VERY refreshing. Waaaaay easier than actual jogging. I am not sure why I stopped going to the gym regularly. I guess when I get busy I rationalize it because I need more rest?!? So sad to think that way.

Anyway, after gym we went to Starbucks and then got pedis. Then I came home, took a BATH, and have lain around ever since! I enjoyed the last hour of The Holiday. And then I fell asleep.

Forgot to mention that I saw two alumni of my school. One has just finished his freshman year at Georgia State and the other went to a Rhode Island prep school en route to the Naval Academy. Two really good boys!

So, this was a very small update on not much going on. I've been working with 7th graders who need to pass the math portion of the CRCT to move on next year. It's been really fun. They can't use calculators, though, so it's tough when they don't know their math facts (the modern day translation for what I learned as "times tables"). That was Monday, Tuesday, and Friday of this past week. Wednesday and Thursday, we broke down units for the new Math I course. It was pretty good work. We got done with that at 1:30, so I went and worked in my new and old rooms. I've effectively thrown away EVERYTHING that isn't on jump drive.

I'll do the same thing next week. Monday and Tuesday, I have a workshop at Southern. Wednesday is review. Thursday and Friday are re-test days, so it'll just be a morning thing. I'll be glad when I get my June check. Right now, I'm feeling as if I'm missing out on my summer!

I think I'll try early treadmill on Monday morning and see how that works. I'm excited after my run today.

I also am trying to integrate this into my diet: eight important foods.

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angeljoy said...

Glad to know that I'm incorporating those 8 foods (more or less, sometimes.)
When do you thing we could get together? You may have talked me into going to the gym to simply get on the treadmill. Thus far I've maintained that I'm NOT driving across town to the gym JUST to get on the treadmill.