Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

General Foolishness

Hey, what's rockin' out there? I'm at my parents' house enjoying doing nothing. Let the record show that finally I've had a vacation day. I slept the latest I've slept: 9:12 a.m. Isn't that amazing?!?

I tuned on my player to listen to some music and it chose to play "Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn. (I think he's married to Elizabeth Vargas from ABC news and he was shot in a drive-by.) What a great song! Some country group tried to do this, but boo on that. It was kind of like some group trying to sing Michael Buble's "Home." Ruination! Leave it alone, I say. This holds about 94.8% of the time. Regardless, is there a more evocative song than "Walking in Memphis"? Can't you see where he's going and even who he's talking to? I really dig this, thus it's placement on my player-thingie.

Okay, Obama is on my nerves again. Why did he even say that thing about ". . . And did I mention he's black?" I don't want to not like Obama. But this kind of stuff is annoying at best and off-putting at worst. I understand that the best defense is a good offense, but come on. I am NOT not voting for Obama because he's black. I'm not voting for him for a multitude of reasons. I don't agree with most anything he's for. I am not for nationalized health care. I'm not for raising taxes on the "rich." I'm not for getting out of Iraq. And here's the bad thing. I'm not for Obama, but I'm not FOR McCain either. I just have more in common with McCain's way of thinking. What we really need is a good independent in there who would keep government's intrusion in private lives to a MINIMUM. Boo on that. I really have NO decision whatsoever to make in the election. Actually, I was more excited about the democrat race than I am about the general election.

How about the alleged showing out of Keith Olbermann pitching a fit for the "Meet the Press" moderator's chair? Now, let me say for truth purposes, and this isn't any secret, that when Keith Olbermann suggests that I zig, I would proceed by zagging 99.4% of the time. What is a grown man doing that sort of thing for? Anyway, he's just the same thing, only on the opposite side, as his arch-nemesis Bill O'Reilly. I can't watch either one of them. They are so ALWAYS right on everything, it's sickening. Now, do I think I'm on the wrong side of things? Obviously not, but I can have a discussion with people who have a differing opinion (often Snoopy), agree to disagree, and not think she's a total idiot for not sharing my opinion. How about we act like grown-ups for a while? I was just looking it up, and it seems that Olbermann didn't pitch a hissy over this. See here. I'd like to send out a big "my b" as my students tell me when they're wrong.

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