Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Did a Craft!

Okay, I am not crafty AT ALL. But, I found this little bracelet at some random Hallmark store in the Altoona Mall. I took some pictures of my two nephews and the bracelet's makers have a website that will shrinky-dink them for you. The website is (I got the baby memories bracelet or somesuch.).

It was WAY easy to do, but did take about 20-25 minutes to shrink the six pictures I wanted to use. It's Granny's birthday present and, I have to say, it's the best I've done in years. I just printed the pictures out on my computer on regular paper. The packet suggests that you use index prints from your photo center. That's not a bad idea, but this bracelet is fine with regular paper. I'd say that it took me about an hour to do this. The payoff was great for me looking at it. I think Granny will like it.

There are five charms. You could put pictures on both sides, if you wanted, but I put the babies' initial (first name) and years of birth. I know that I'm gushing, but the bracelet is CUTE. It's got one of those really cute toggle closures too!

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