Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trip to Pennsylvania -- Part I

Well, I am considering myself officially recuperated from my trip to Pennsylvania. Three days was what it took. It's nice to be back home. But, I would like to thank Snoopy for inviting me and driving me the WHOLE way there and back.

This was my lovely lunch from the trek we started last Monday. It was consumed in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area. The bun wasn't too toasty, but the sandwich was pretty good.

Later in the day, we stopped at a place called Fancy Gap (I think it was in North Carolina.) for gas. It was here that I got Fiona some things for her history class. Actually, I got her two shot glasses. One has generals of the Civil War and the other has all battles that took place in Virginia.

It was a lovely trip. We made really good time through Georgia, South and North Carolinas, and Virginia. I didn't think we'd ever make it through Virginia. I just checked the map. I thought we went through from east to west, with my lacking sense of direction. It was south to north. It seemed infinite.

It started raining/misting in West Virginia, through the tip of Maryland and into Pennsylvania. By the time we stopped in Pennsylvania, it had cleared up.

Once in Pennsylvania, we dined at the ever-delicious Bob Evans. I enjoyed a tasty dinner of breakfast. I had the healthy egg omelette with spinach, 1/2 as much cheese, and onions. I indulged in the home-fries. They were pretty tasty. I didn't get the before picture, since I was REALLY hungry.

We then arrived at her dad and step-mom's house in the hills of Pennsylvania. The area was near Altoona. Think Al-T(heavy on the T)oona. It was one of the most lovely areas I've ever visited.

Well, I was quite tired when we got there, but we went to WalMart to pick up a few things. I forgot shampoo?!? Snoopy's step-mom works there. She wanted something to do in her spare time. She started out as the quintessential greeter, but they moved her to cashier. You can't hide talent, you know! She's a wonderful lady and was very welcoming to a stranger from down south!

This was my lovely accommodation after watching the end of the Pirates game and a little David Letterman. The mattress was FANTASTIC. I probably should be scouting out a new one soon, but that's lower on my priority list.

When I awoke on Tuesday, this was the lovely site I saw while I ate breakfast. Their garden with water-feature. Everything up there was so lush and green. They are, as you can see, BIG TIME gardeners. Their yard is completely immaculate.

I am so NOT an outside person. I just happen to have a yard outside my home and someone else mows it. I haven't even wanted to take care of the yard and start some gardening, but this has made me at least THINK about it.

This is the view out the front of the house. The hills are so lovely.

Tuesday was the AWESOME agricultural parade. I can't wait to post some of the sights from that!


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angeljoy said...

What a trip!
What a yard!
Thankfully, you don't need much shampoo...