Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Child Has a Birthday Party

Today, The Child had a birthday party. It was WAY fun for him. There were about 5 adults for every child.

This is my brother's (and Rx-in-Law's) son, a.k.a. the Roaming Gnome, who is very cute and excellent at cheesing it up for a camera. I meant this to be the last picture, but I am techno-goofy with this blog picture uploading deal.

This is the cake AFTER. Being the official picture taker is difficult. I was distracted and didn't get a picture of the cake before. Incidentally, it had one of The Child's favorites, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, on it. The cake was pretty tasty.

Here, The Child is getting his koala, George, who happens to be sporting quite a dandy Batman shirt, out of the box. He chose all the components at the Build-a-Bear Store. He wanted to name the koala "Snake" but that was nixed by his dad. The Child also chose "Snake" as his Indian name for Thanksgiving at school.

More opening of gifts. . .

Here is Supermom, The Child, and a friend from school. She was SO precious. She was assistant present opener. There were so many gifts that The Child didn't seem to mind.

Snoopy and Mrs. C. attended the birthday antics. I'm hoping they had a good time.

This week has been a little crazy. You've seen above what today was centered around. Friday was a little crazy, because the day prior to a holiday always is. We did test-prep in all classes because, for some reason, it's easier to focus on that than some new topic. (I chose not to test all day yesterday because everybody else was and we'd done testing last week.)

We also finished up our fundraiser for the seniors this week too. We sold Joe Corbi items. They have regional distributors, but the people we deal with have been great. The cookie dough and frozen pizzas are really good. (Incidentally, they have a breakfast pizza that is divine, but deadly. It's an alfredo-like sauce. You put that on a crust, then top with real bacon and cheese. Really divine.) It's actually a really good value, as far as fund-raising goes. I'm not sure about the percentage, but it's pretty favorable. It beats the pants off of selling Reese Cups and candy bars.

After school, I went to Snoopy's and there was a PARTY. I don't usually drink, so it's ALWAYS an adventure. I was really tired when the last partiers left at 1:15 this morning. It was then that I took to the sofa and rocked it out, getting to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I woke up at 10:15 and today's craziness started.

Wednesday, I took off from school to take the 'rents so my mom could get some testing done. It should have been a few-hour situation, but wound up being all day. It's taxing to sit in a hospital waiting room. Forunately, all was fine. And, I should be thankful that the doctor was super-cautious. It was nice to see them in the middle of the week.

Tuesday, we had training on differentiation during planning, so I couldn't start the plans done until after school. It was one of those things that it seemed as if the harder I tried to do it, the longer it took me. I had a really good sub, so all of that went well.

Monday wasn't bad, but I was exhausted. I really have to reel in my eating. I am mostly exhausted from no exercise and from eating poorly.

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angeljoy said...

I am exhausted reading about this! I didn't eat well today either on top of exercising less this past week since I was sickish-- I really gotta crack it this week!!!
I still can't figure out how to get my pics uploaded in the right order.
(no lie--word verification:undies.)