Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
GEORGIA ROCKS! A road I drive on to work, lucky me!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today Has Been Interesting

Greetings. I've had quite an interesting day. I woke up and began watching an O-L-D movie about Andrew Jackson. It had Joan Crawford in it. She's quite captivating.

I then got "awake" and went to shop at my arch-nemesis, WalMart. Wow, it was nice to get in there at about 7:30 and out around 8:30. I hate it. I was trying to get all the stuff I need, supply-wise AND stuff for my trip to the conference in Atlanta. It's really quite a pain. We're leaving Tuesday afternoon after school, so everything I need done has to be done essentially tomorrow afternoon since we get no planning block to speak of on Tuesday. Being absent is really a pain if you want to do your job as a teacher.

Then I began the cooking process. I improved the whole-wheat pasta dish I made last week. I also made a switch in the chiliesque soup business I made last week. They both seem better-tasting. That was good.

I joined up on this GTD website. I really like the idea of it being accessible online. You can also print out your lists. It's simple and makes sense. It's working for me so far today!?!

Supermom went and got Chinese for us. I think my taster is broken. The sesame chicken had a very odd taste to me. I wonder if it's the meds I'm taking. I'm on the loogey-ridding medicine Mucinex. I hate the commercials, but that stuff really does work. It's not cheap either, but it does work.

I've got to fold some clothes and get my work together for my students, so I'll sign out.

It may be Wednesday or Thursday before I get back to y'all, so have a good week!


angeljoy said...

Be safe, have fun, if possible, at the conference.

teacherwoman said...

I HATE Wally world but it is closer than the grocery store and Target and sometimes when I just need a couple quick items I do go there.