Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm Awarding Myself

I am giving this to myself. Here. Thank myself. What is it for, you ask? Why, it's for getting all the shopping done that I need to get done prior to Christmas. All gifts were tasteful, but not too much. Unfortunately, I chose two sweatshirts for my diddy, so he may never get to wear them. While (or whilst, which I actually prefer) the North is completely snowed under with no signs of relief, I'm sweating my *insert body part you like to use in this expression* off. We actually switched to AC earlier today. But I scooted out at 7 a.m. and did all my shopping locally, but mostly with chains. Regardless, I'm through. I'm quite relieved because I was a little worried if I'd get the "right" stuff. I just got stuff I thought they'd like that was relatively low-priced. I decided on about a $30 limit for family members. $20ish for friends.

I'm off to a "Night Before Christmas" themed party tonight. We're supposed to wear our pajamas. I'm going to sweat my *same as above* off. I have really cute flannel pajamas. I'm gonna wear them anyway. I'll just wear a t-shirt with them. My friends hosting the party are TOO excited. I'm actually excited too. There will be sugar cookies and spinach dip. I wouldn't recommend mixing these two items, but I'm looking forward to each in its own merit. Yum-o. Wait, can I revoke that? I am boycotting Rachel Ray. Talk about overkill. Replace the yum-o with "wowsers!"

I am looking forward to a hair cut on Monday and dinner with this chica. There are quite a few REALLY good restaurants that have come to our area. We are planning on patronizing one of them. There's one that has an AMAZING mushroom ravioli with a pesto cream sauce. That is what my gluttonous tum-tum is thinking of.

Well, I've got to get ready to go to PJ Mania 2008. I'll let you know how awesome it was. And it WILL be awesome.

Hugs and finished shopping celebrations!

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angeljoy said...

Can't wait to hear about that party! I'm glad we're having dinner and not lunch, beacause there will be no pressure to get back to work!