Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It Really Is A Wonderful Life

Well, I realized last night that I didn't have everything that I needed. I got up this morning around six and made my way to town. WalMart was totally kickin' when I got there to get some rechargeable AA batteries, hair gel, and a new overnight bag. I inadvertently stole a bag someone had put in the overnight bag. I thought, "Wow, I got a bonus bag. Cool!" Then I realized, "Not cool. This has an SKU on it. It wasn't a bonus." I haven't taken it back yet, but I will. The tote bag has wheels, so I did self check-out and rolled it out, I guess under the radar.

Then I went back to Belk. I found my sister THE BEST necklace. It's silver and very dainty. There are tiny colored stones stationed all around it. She'll be able to wear it with almost anything. I also got Mrs. C. a mug and gift card from Starbuck's. They put the cable-knit sweater looking mugs on sale. They are so pretty. I bought one for me, too! I know I'm going to enjoy my evening hot tea in it.

The Child put out reindeer food for, duh, the reindeer. He is about to BURST with excitement. There have been random shouts throughout the day, "Santa's Claus is coming!" That alternates with a "Mer-ray Chris-mus!"

Well, as Santa is on his way and I'm watching Clarence show George that his life really has made a difference, I'm singing off and wishing a merry Christmas to one and all.

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teacherwoman said...

Merry merry Christmas!