Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well, I'm on a Roll for a Monday

Well, I got up before six and met Hippy at the gym today. I'm glad we'd prearranged this yesterday or I certainly don't think I'd have gotten out of bed. The CrackBerry woke me up at 5:30.

Then I went to see what wondermousness was available at the local WalMart. I can't remember the last time I actually went and bought a bunch of groceries. I bought some salmon burgers. What is that really? I'll be sure to alert y'all, because I feel as if that's something that needs to get out there. Actually, I was wanting salmon and that's what I found. The fish market deal wasn't open yet. I thought it was interesting enough to try. I also stocked up on healthier things as well as some interesting peanut butter, or should it be peanut better? It has ground flax seeds, flax oil, and is sweetened with cane sugar and honey. I got out for less than $100. BONUS!

Yesterday my sister went to our local Lowe's. She was getting a storage cabinet. (Sidebar: She was first cussed (no, not cursed) for taking a parking space. The guy had no blinker on nor any other indication of his intention of pulling in the space. She got out and then APOLOGIZED. The guy told her, "Shut the f*#$ up." Did I mention that she had just come from church? Did I mention this dude was also in his Sunday finery?!? What WOULD Jesus do? I don't think he'd tell people to shut the f*#$ up. I don't mean to step out or anything, but I feel pretty safe in saying that.) Well anyway, she survived that lovely guy and went in, found her item of choice, bought it, and then took it to her car. Realizing it was going to be too big to fit in the car in the way it was boxed, she opened it up and part of it was broken. Well, as you might imagine, she loaded it back up in the box and took it back in. Since it wasn't her fault, she suggested that they go get another one for her or give her back her money. The cashier guy looked at her and just processed her refund! Not I'm sorry, not let me call somebody, NOTHING. Well, I'm sure this one transaction isn't going to bring down Lowe's or anything, but for crying out loud! What a loser. She then went to K-Mart and purchased two items for even less. Wonder why the economy is bad? Maybe one of the reasons is that people working at retail don't give a rat's a$$ about anything. I'm glad that a person of this ilk is at the cashier stand at Lowe's and not at a hospital or something, but come on!

How about I'm going to the school today and tomorrow to try and get things in order for the new semester? I'm secretly very excited. My classes, unless something has changed, will be calculus, Algebra II, and trig. That's the best schedule I think I've ever had. I'm geeked out and very fortunate. I have planning at third block, so three out of four weeks of the month, I get an additional thirty minutes a day because it's the lunch period. Did I say I'm geeked out?

Well, I probably will go drop in on Snoopy after doing a little work.

Happy Monday!

Edit: 8:41 p.m. The Lowe's thing is apparently policy. For Lowe's to get credit for the bad piece of shiz, they have to run it as a refund. Too bad the person couldn't be more forward-thinking and said, "I'll process the refund, it's our policy. Then I'll call Joe and see if he can go get you another one." Am I crazy? Well, customer service being what it is, I guess I. My sister had the opportunity to talk to a former Lowe's employee to get the low-down.

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angeljoy said...

Customer service, or rather, lack of it, is a particular peeve of mine. I hope my salon never handles people that way! Communicate, people! Communicate!