Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Friday, August 31, 2007

Whew! Another Week Down

Hello, is there anybody out there? Anyway, this week seemed inordinately l - o - n - g. We have progress reports due on Tuesday, so my holiday weekend is going to contain more work than I'd like for it to. But, I want an accurate picture painted for my students and their families, so it's what I've gotta do. I let them see their averages earlier in the week and have been giving them opportunities to make up various things the past few days. It's funny to see the change when a student, who has seen poor test grades and lower daily grades, goes through when they actually see the average. It's weird. The students really have no sense of how one daily grade or test affects the average. One daily grade 100 and they expect a 72 average to bounce up to a 90. I'm willing to bear partial responsibility for this since we've been at this for four and a half weeks, but since we've not done any statistics, I'm kind of not responsible?

Supermom, Snoopy, and I had a nice dinner at a bar-ish restaurant. It was good. I had a burger (now seating GERD for one) and blueberry crumble. This concoction was made on the premises. It was similar to something my momma calls "dump cake." It has cake mix, pineapples, pecans, blueberries and more pecans. Yum. I think the GERD will be worth it.

We were going to see a movie, but the service was a little slower than it could've been. Thus we opted for the Wal*Marting experience. My wallet that I bought at Target about two years ago for $2.50 was falling apart, so I was searching for a new one. Boy, oh boy, did I find it! I bought and (and I quote) "The Incredible BULK Wallet." It really is pretty cool. The funny thing is that it came with a card professing that the walled has (again, and I quote) "Special Abilities." Yes, that's right, a wallet with "Special Abilities" for less than $10. I thought, "How can I NOT buy that?!?" The aforementioned "Special Abilities" include: 1) "pull out ID window and mirror," 2) "removable key ring," and last, but certainly not least, 3) "detachable wrist strap." That's why we have a trade deficit. I don't see us producing any US-made products that have toutable "special abilities." Let's get our best inventor-type minds to work on coming up with "special abilities." This could only be beneficial for us as a country.

I'm going to have a good weekend. I'm going to start by sleeping in. Then maybe gym? Hmmmm. This will require thought. I think I'd like to finish My Antonia, since I started it over a month ago.

I've got to transfer ALL my money to my new wallet. Peace out, folks.

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