Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blessed Bloggers

Well, I had an exceedingly good day today. It's kind of funny because my the bloggers I tend to read seem to have had the same experience this weekend!

Today I got up around 8:30. It was nice and nippy outside. I decided to snuggle in my bed a little longer. I actually got up around 9:00 and got to the laundry. I put up WAY too much that had been laying around my bedroom. I then had a nice brunch.

After finishing up my laundry, I took a small nap, watched some football, and decided to go run. It was a glorious day for a run. I went 4.8 miles. That's quite a bit for me. What's funny, and more than a little gross, is that my back was KILLING me. Well, then I engaged my core, as Ellen from my yoga/Pilates video is always telling me to do and voila! My back stopped hurting. I was telling this to my running mentor and she said that since I've lost weight around my midsction, my back is having to redefine my center of gravity or something like that. And you know what? I believe it. It makes sense.

Since I'd not had lunch, I was ravenous from the run and met the mentor (aka Snoopy) at the Mexican restaurant in the town where my school is. Wow, was it good! I had a plate of beef and bean nachos without one iota of guilt. Then I went to school and got a good bit of school work done. We have an open house tomorrow, OH JOY! I'm SO excited. I don't know about elsewhere, but here, only the kids whose parents you DON'T need to see attend these things.

Oh well, you do what you can.

I hope all of y'all in blogland have a most enjoyable week to go along with a nice weekend!


carla said...

a good day without one iota of guilt?


Ive never taught school but spent years teaching in a sunday school where we had open houses----same experience.

the kids who were fab? their parents showed up.
the kids I struggled to keep in line? the parents were no where to be found.

have a good day!


angeljoy said...

Did not run Sunday. Did not feel guilty. But man, I'm having a hard time dragging myself out of my weekend back into the routine this morning!