Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
GEORGIA ROCKS! A road I drive on to work, lucky me!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday and a Little Shopping

I bought a shoe that looks like this. It's not only cute, but it's got a super-pillowy footbed. Perfect for a teacher. I'd been avoiding my black pants, skirts, and dresses simply because I didn't have a go-to pair of black shoes. The flower on mine is about half the size and there is some black-patent trim. I had even resorted to wearing some tennis shoes/sneakers with my black pants. I hope that I have now purchased a pair that I will look forward to wearing. And, they were on sale!
I went and worked out at Mrs. C.'s gym yesterday. I'm still getting acclimated to the treadmill. I walked for an hour with a tad of running in it. It's weird that outside that I can run pretty easily, but on the treadmill, not so much.
Well, since we have two days off this week, I think I'm going to visit my other nephew. I can't wait to see how big he is. He lives about two hours away and I'll get to see the 'rents too.


teacherwoman said...

Okay, from one teacher to another, WHO makes those shoes and WHERE did you find them? I am in dire need of good teaching shoes! I can't handle too much of a heal, at least not on a daily basis...

You have two days off this week? I wish that were us this week. Is it statewide teachers' convention? That is what we have next thursday and friday! yeah!

have a super (short) week! :)

angeljoy said...

cute shoes.
Rack Room cometh! :)