Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh, How We Laughed!

Well, in the class that I had my unfortunate outburst in, we had a hearty laugh today. I apologized again for going a little nuts. They were very good and seemed to understand. "Miss (used to refer to all but men, so much so that I use it to refer to other teachers), I never saw you that mad before. You almost poked a hole in your Smartboard!" I laughed. They were talking about how weird it was that I got so mad yesterday, but that I was laughing about it today. I told them that everybody acts like an idiot from time to time and if you can't laugh at it, well, you're missing out on a good laugh!

To me, I'm teaching trig, but more importantly, I'm trying to equip these kids for life. And that's what's REALLY important.

The Child has been going through this whine-mania thing. He will just commence to whining when he doesn't get his way. Oh, awesome it is!

Gonna run a little later . . . maybe?


teacherwoman said...

"...I'm trying to equip these kids for life..." ....

you and me both chica! It's sooo important!

angeljoy said...

Ugh, I hate thee!