Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Am Still Tired

It's bad when you're working a sleep deficit on Tuesday, which is what I did. So, when I got home last night after the football game, I had to ramble around a little, since I can't just come home and flop into bed. It was about 11:30 and slept until 8ish. Then I got up to watch The Child eat breakfast. I had to go back to be about 9 a.m. because I couldn't keep my eyes open. I slept from then until noonish, when Bubba and Grandmamma showed up.

We had a lovely Chick-fil-A lunch. Grandmamma and I were glad to see the Krystal being built. There is a magic that happens when those square buns, onion sweat, and 2mm burger get together that no other burger joint can duplicate.

I'm just about to go into a slight mourning. Georgia is about to lose to that annoying, visor-slinging Steve Spurrier. ESPN came up with the AWESOME stat the "The Old Ball Coach" is the most hated by Georgia fans. That took a real Einstein to come up with. Nobody else is even close. Phil Fulmer (of Tennessee) was next in line, but a distant second. These side-line and stat people kill me with the way they restate the obvious. I guess they have to have something to do.

Georgia Tech had a great day, but how could they not?!? They played little Samford. That should not be an option. I am all about some GT, but come on. I know that Notre Dame was supposed to be a big game. Who knew that ND would be in a slump, that Fred Flintstone's crew would be so slow out of the gate? Regardless, I'm tired of these HUGE schools playing directional schools. Play somebody that'll give you a game. I know I was hoo-ha-ing last week about App State, but that was an anomaly. Most of these are complete routs. Just today, there was Clemson whipping up on Louisiana-Monroe, West Virginia and Marshall, and Florida and Troy. I know that every week can't be full of Georgia vs. South Carolinas, but come on.

I just went to bed and promptly got back up. I thought I'd be smart and go to bed at 9. I immediately became WIDE awake. Why does that happen? I think I'm gonna go give it another go.

'night all!

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teacherwoman said...

I hate when I have intentions of getting to bed early, and then end up lying there wide awake for a long time. Sometimes I find that it helps to grab a book or magazine and drain my mind/eyes.... then I become really sleepy!

Rest up, chica! It's the weekend!