Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday Funday

Sorry to quote from "Manic Monday," but it has been. I lazed around, watched the Sunday Morning program, and had a small breakfast. Plans were to go this evening and see a movie and then eat out, so I was trying to save some calories. I wound up meeting Hippy Chick at the gym for some ellipticizing. It wasn't as bad as I had remembered. Actually, I am amazed at how awesome backwards ellipticizing is for lower abs. It felt great. Now, when we started the squat portion of BodyPump, boy, did that hurt!?! I actually burned more calories on the elliptical machine (in 40 minutes) than I would have running (for 50 minutes). I don't know how this works, I guess it's bringing in the arms? Regardless, it was a pretty good workout.

Afterwards, Hippy Chick and I went to a little coffee place in town and each had a lovely salad. I had a field greens, Granny Smith apple, and feta with raspberry vinaigrette and Hippy had an antipasti salad. Both were divine.

I'm still going nuts over the upset of Michigan by little ol' Appalachian State. Wow, was that awesome or what?!? And at Ann Arbor, wow! A friend had texted me that Ap State was ahead, so I loaded up the ESPN Gametracker. Supermom and I were on the verge of hysterics. To do that at Ann Arbor, AMAZING! And the coach for Ap State couldn't have been more aw-shucks about it. Precious!

Snoopy has been injured. She's taken a golf ball to the head. I have been lead to believe that she's okay. We'll keep that as a thought.

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angeljoy said...

Thanks for the friend fix yesterday! I really appreciate you patiently going thru the "god forsaken store we both hate" to help me buy gym clothes and stuff. I really do like them. (the clothes.)