Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Monday, September 3, 2007

A Little Labor for the Day

Today was somewhat productive. I got up rather early and went to school to take care of a few things. Then, returned for a lunch with Mrs. C. We wanted to go to the regular "wrap" spot. It was closed. Bwaaaah. I guess those people deserve to not labor today also. It's so good and my mouth was all set for the teriyaki salmon wrap. We went to the local Longhorn instead. It was okay, but is it just me or is their service taking a nose-dive? Supermom went there recently and had a less than stellar experience. Mrs. C. and I experienced the same. (P.S. Thanks, Mrs. C. for the lunch.)

Also, last night Hippy Chick and I Wal*Marted to find athletic clothes for her. That went well. I am now barred for the week. Is it wrong to not mind that most of my meals are some type of bar? I feel very Jetson-ish about the whole thing. It seems a little heavy on the pre-packaged nutrients, but it helps me get the stuff in I need.

This week should be very fun for me, as far as TV watching goes. The Biggest Loser starts tomorrow night. I SO love that show. Bob Harper, I love you! Jillian is going to be back as well. So excited!!!! Also, on Thursday, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style premieres. I love him too. I hope it's as entertaining as it can be.

My sister and I watched some of Fat March tonight. Ugh. I got nothing out of that. It's no Biggest Loser nor is it a Celebrity Fit Club.

I'm tired and my website that I normally get my info for my lesson plans from is DOWN, so I sent them an angry e-mail and I've got a TON to do early AM tomorrow.

Have a good week, fellow Labor Day enjoyers!

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teacherwoman said...

I was watching a bit of Fat March too. Don't really like it as much as Biggest Loser. But, I missed that tonight... grr.