Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wow, I'm Glad to Be Home


I am really glad to be back home. I was in Savannah both Wednesday and Thursday nights. It's not that far, but it was still tiring.

On Wednesday, Hot Pants (a business teacher at my school) and I went to the SCAD-sponsored deal for Frank Warren who does the Post Secret website and books. (You can see him in the picture above.) His talk was very good. It was kind of cute. He's very nonchalant, kind of like, "This is what I go down in my basement and do as a hobby." But you can tell he's MUCH more into it than that. He's very interesting. He talks in a very low voice, as if he's only talking to you. He showed a slide show of the anonymously sent-in postcards. It was enthralling. Hot Pants and I couldn't decided whether we love this so much because we're concerned or because we're nosy. We settled on concerned. Also, we stopped by a Starbuck's. I had no idea, and people had told me so, but their Pumpkin Spice Latte will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Just be careful at the end or you'll wind up with a mouthful of what seems like dirt, but is actually spice. Or our barista hated us and actually put dirt in the latte?!?

Then on Thursday I went with Big Hair (also a business teacher at my school) to see her son, who attends a local private school, play his middle school football game. He was the quarterback and had a very good game. He is in the eighth grade. The bad thing was a) the game started at 7, b) a poor boy on their team got hit and was out on the field being attended to for quite some time, c) I had a bad case of GERD from eating at Carabba's, and d) it was raining. Incidentally, the young man was taken to the hospital and he only had a stinger, but it was horrifying to see that child lain-out on the field as the emergency personnel tried to decide the plan of action. There were some medical professionals in the crowd who went down to give assistance. Because of the delay, I got home after 11, and if you've read this blog before, you know I love my sleep.

On Friday, I worked a little late, and then went over to Senora's house just for a little while. After that I returned home for the fun of doing laundry. Oh, how I love doing laundry! Actually, the doing of the laundry isn't my issue; it's the putting up of the clean clothes that for some reason is an insurmountable task for me. UGH!

So, Saturday I got up at the crack of dawn to run up to Grandmamma & Bubba, Sr.'s house. I met up with Supermom and Wonder Child also. We all piled in one car, drove to just above Macon, where I exited the cram-mobile and got in my sister-in-law's new Lexus. Nice. Anyway, we went up to my aunt's house for my only remaining grandparent's birthday. She is eighty something and has lived quite a difficult life. She has six children, one of whom has died, and a passel of grandchildren and great-grandchildren of whom Wonder Child is the current #1. She's very moody and stays in constant argument with my daddy (her son). I was arguing with him yesterday and he accused me of being like her until he realized that he's always said I'm like my mamma's mother. Then he started in on that. Well, long story even longer, I saw relatives I'd not seen in a while. I enjoyed the visit A LOT more than I'd expected.

So, I've actually had a brilliant few days here. I plan on watching Ken Burns & Lynn Novak's The War tonight on PBS. I LOVE Ken Burns. I do have a backup plan, though. If I am too sleepy, I'm going to watch it on DVR, as I am DVRing all 15 hours of it. I heard a critic on Fresh Air say how good it is.

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angeljoy said...

Whoa, you've been as busy as I have! What is it about doing laundry? I don't mind folding. It's kind of peaceful. Listening to the radio or just thinking. But putting away....ugh.