Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Little Warmth Is a Good Thing!

Okay, we've had a heat wave the following couple of days. Yesterday morning, standing out in the parking lot, I had an epiphany. It was over 30 degrees. It was about the first time in about a week. I know there are people in parts north who would be thrilled and probably start sweating if it got over 20. Mild winters are one of the best things about living in the South. I don't know how you guys do it anywhere north of Tennessee do it. Going outside and being slapped in the face by 20ish weather is just astoundingly difficult. (Again, I feel that I must say that if that is my worst problem and I have a warm place to leave out of and go into, my life is AWESOME!)

All that to say, yesterday and today it's been BALMY. Right now, my computer is telling me that it is 63 degrees. How awesome. That's more like the normal winter around here. I'll take some more of THAT.

Let me add this information. I'm currently listening to a local radio station (not Slacker right now) that runs ESPN Radio. The dude was talking about how just as soon as the Steelers (the Pittsburgh variety, of course) won the AFC Championship, people began going out in droves to stores to buy their AFC Champs gear. I have to affirm Pennsylvanians' LOVE for wearing their team gear. When Snoopy and I went during the summer it absolutely amazed me. EVERYBODY, men, women, and children, were wearing Steelers or, but usually and, Penn State garb. I thought people down here were outrageously UGA fans, but they have NOTHING on the people in the greater Altoona/Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania. The guy said that the store (It was a Dick's Sporting Goods, reportedly.) was open after the game finished, around 10:30 and stayed open until they sold out around 2:00 a.m. They then opened the next day at 6:00 to brisk business. They LOVE their football in that area.

I'm going through a little lack-of-football depression. After the big game next Sunday, I'll go into sports withdrawal until pitchers and catchers report. I can't wait until September.

I need to go do some school work, so later!

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