Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Friday, January 16, 2009

This Was a Good Day.

My semester is going quite well. I'll grade my first round of tests this weekend and then I'll really know for sure. I have a feeling that all but two in calculus are okay, 3/4 of those in trig are okay, and about 55-60% are okay in Algebra II. Of course the calculus nerds are doing well, only true "math-ers" would sign up for that. Fortunately, my trig class is relatively small and they don't have problems asking questions about things. My algebra kids, well, there are some who do really well, and then there are those who just barely scraped by in Algebra I. These kids don't seem to want to put forth the effort necessary to make up for the lost Algebra I ground AND take on the Algebra II stuff too. It gets kind of exasperating. I try to create an environment where you aren't stupid if you don't understand. I WANT the people who don't understand to tell me why so I can help. I want students who understand to help, if they really know how to do it.

I am really sleepy tonight. I've actually nodded off twice while doing this. I'm going to go get in my snuggly warm bed! 'Night all!

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teacherwoman said...

Have a great weekend! :)