Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Life Has Been Transformed

Santa brought me a BlackBerry device. I love it. There is SO much I don't know about it. I have enjoyed getting to know it this week. One of my favorite things about it is Flycast. I am listening to it on my BlackBerry right now. There's a little hiccup every once in a while, but overall it's great. The sound is very good (for something this size). The channel I really like is Swingin' Pop Standards on the Accuradio menu. Right now, Nat "King" Cole is singing "Unforgettable" to me. It's simply divine. Tony Bennett and K.D. Lang were just on. Norah Jones was the previous singer. You get the drift.

I went and weighed in this morning. This is going to be amazing, but if you follow the nutritional portion of Weight Watchers and exercise, you are going to lose weight. Revolutionary, I know. I'd gained over the past couple of weeks, but today showed a six pound loss. I was very happy. My minimum of thirty minutes of exercise a day really has proven successful. I've actually enjoyed it, except for the other night when I put it off until 10 at night when it was (for me) cold.
I guess I've learned a lesson. I know that I won't lose six pounds every week, but at least I have the template in place.

I just saw a piece on ESPN about how awesome Kurt Warner is. He really is such a nice guy. I know that making multiple millions of dollars a year is not exactly a cross to bear. He has worked with children who have traumatic diseases. He is such a sweet-seeming guy. It's ALMOST enough to make me want Arizona to win today. (I proclaimed that I want them to win already, because every team I've wanted to win in the bowls has lost.) I hope it's at least a good game.

Here are my predictions for the NFL games today:

4:30 Atlanta at Arizona It depends on whether Arizona can contain Michael Turner. If they are successful, I'm afraid they'll be moving on. If not, Atlanta should be playing next week. I hope that Matt Ryan and the boys go on to play next week.

8:00 Indianapolis at San Diego It is unfortunate that Ladanian Tomlinson is not 100%. This would have made for a super game. I think that it will be a good game, but that it would be a better match if LT were his old self. I think I heard on ESPN that something has come detached. Regardless of what is detached or believed to be detached, detached is definitely bad. I predict that Peyton will take his Colts to the next level.

Nothing else.

Must go CrackBerry.


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angeljoy said...

I'm still distressed that I don't have the Bb icon. Also, I have a FB icon, but it won't access FB.
I may have to got to the people who know things and get some more in depth help.