Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Am I Anti-Environment?

After railing against the Honorable Al Gore, I found myself wondering, "Do I hate the environment?" Someone was talking about a balloon release for Red Ribbon Week. They were concerned about how this would effect animals. I said I didn't really care. The person, actually it was Fiona who suggested confetti be thrown or something like that. I have to wonder how much against the environment I am.

Can you imagine a candidate coming out anti-environment, anti-child, or anti-education? Maybe they are on the opposite side position-wise, but they wouldn't dream of coming out as anti-senior citizen. I don't think I'm anti-environment. I think I'm just common sense.

If weather records have only been kept for around 100 years, then how can we say that there are actually any phenomena that have been exhibited. I'm not saying that we're not in a severe drought here in the south. I couldn't argue with that fact. What I don't quite buy into is that man is having such a huge impact on the earth. I'm not arguing that the overall temperature is going up in the last little while. I'm saying that I don't believe all this "mayhem" that has been perpetrated has been done by man and the regular fluctuations are nil effect.

Or, I may be insane. I do teach high school math. . .

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bvn said...

well put, I have the same feeling at times..
There are lots of facts missing from the environment-battle, and one could easily dig up facts as that most temperature readings are from areas that have more asphalt now than 50 years ago, that the temperature in the atmosphere hasn't increased that much(landmass temperature is the big bad wolf), and that the stable weather that we've experienced the last thousands year aren't normal if you look back a couple of millions..

And as we've in Norway has witnessed recent years, being 100% environmental can actually hurt people when cars no longer have tires that can handle slippery roads during winter..

However, i do think that aiming to minimize pollution is a good thing, and that green energy is the way of the future, but being a fanatic has never been a good thing..