Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
GEORGIA ROCKS! A road I drive on to work, lucky me!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey, It's Tuesday.

I love Tuesdays. Today I gave tests all day. I thought I'd catch up and get ahead. Oh, but no. It seemed as if there was a question for every moment or my attempt at staying organized was almost thwarted. Arrrgh!

Anyway, I am looking forward to the cross-country meet tomorrow. It's on the same course as our team will run next Wednesday for the region meet. So. . . if they play their cards right tomorrow, maybe success will be ours tomorrow AND next Wednesday.

I'd better get to grading some of these tests, so sayonara!

Make your Wednesday a GREAT one.

Love you, mean it!

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angeljoy said...

love you...
mean it!