Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Satisfying Saturday & Gugu Strikes Back

Wake Me Up Before You Gugu
(With Apologies to Wham! Wait, they probably owed me an apology for those really short shorts and fluorescent clothing in that video, so I'll call us even.)

Hi, kids. Hope you're living well. I am doing very well.

Well, we had our last away game yesterday. It wasn't good, but my favorite student had a pretty good night. He's a running back and quite good. He told the equivalent of his homeroom teacher that he thought he might be able to get into college. Yeah, admissions people and coaches hate people with A averages and athletic prowess. It's more like he'd BETTER go to college. One of the reasons I teach is students like him!

Because I wanted to do a little work this morning, save a little gas (Don't tell Al Gore I'm actually trying to shrink my carbon footprint.), and save the thirty-minute drive, I crashed last night after we returned on Snoopy's mucho-comfortable sofa. I got a little bit done. I felt very productive. I've got a lot of work ahead of me for tomorrow, though.

After my work, I came back to my residence of record. Then I met Mrs. C. at the gym for a little elliptical action. OWWWW. Again, igmonic on my part. Why don't I stay on a plan? That way I wouldn't hate getting back in the swing of things as much. My arms are sore; my butt is sore; my thighs are sore; my calves are sore. We're gonna do that again tomorrow. Today was 35 minutes + 5 cool down. Ooh, that reminds me, I'd better go charge my ipod while I'm thinking about it. Hold on, I'll be right back.


(Back now.)

Supermom, The Child, and I enjoyed a pizza dinner tonight. It was some kind of good. I'm enjoying the last of this sort of thing for a while. Ugh. Again, why do I do this knowing how oogey it makes me feel?

I was glad to see Richt's dawgs win. Knowshon Moreno had 188 yards rushing. Go him. I was a little irked by the commentators' propensity to attribute anything good that UGA did to some injury to some key Florida person. It was as if they were apologists for Florida. I always hear bias against the people I like in a sporting situation. I STILL can't stand Tim McCarver. And I still snicker when I think about when the Braves made it to the play-off or World Series or whatever and Deion Sanders (when he was playing for the Braves, of course) threw a cup of water on McCarver. I know that goes against most things I think are sacred, but he (Timmy Mc) was even more obnoxious than Deion. What this has to do with anything, I'm not sure. Oh yeah, I was talking bias.

Animal Alert

Gugu has taken revenge. I am so glad when an animal behaves like an animal. Gugu had some IGMONIC person (a teenage boy) hop the fence and try to interact during feeding time. Well, as Bubba of Rick and Bubba fame said the other day, after you've been attacked by a drunken human, when one jumps in your "habitat," I suppose edgy is the state of your nerves. I say, "Go, Gugu. Go to your inner panda. Do what you know to do, even if humans are harmed, well that's collateral damage, or survival of the fittest, if you ask me." How do you get to the point where you brain okays your entry into a zoo-habitat with a wild animal? Was this one of the non-genius Chinese people, because I thought the system over there produces brainiacs. I guess I'm misinformed yet again.

Well, I'm gonna go watch the Tennesse/SC game to see who wins in the last minute and a half.



angeljoy said...

I can always count on you to be my sports information. Even if I don't know any more after I read this, that's not your fault. Maybe I'm one of the Chines ignormic.

angeljoy said...

I mean igmonics. Whatever.