Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Search for Inspiration

Do you ever feel as if your blog has become a daily diary, a retelling of your schedule for that day or that plus a few more days? I've been feeling very blase lately. It seems stupid to just rewrite the activities of the day. I was searching for an idea, when last night at the concession stand, one came to me.

Snoopy began talking about having cramps in her butt from the running of eight miles. She's in training for a half-marathon. Okay, so she started asking us to massage her butt to get the cramps out (she was kidding, I think). She then started polling everyone and asking what superpower they would want. Fiona said she'd want the ability to heal. We declared that BORRRRRING. World peace, healing, making people tell the truth, etc. BOO. I said, based on the day, that it'd be kind of cool to be able to give people cramps. I suppose along with that should come the ability to stop the cramp. Snoopy said she'd like the ability to levitate people and leave them just hanging in the air if she decided to. But the BEST was suggested by one of our assistant principals, I'll call her Frau, since she just married a guy with a very German sounding name, she came up with this: THE ABILITY TO MAKE SOMEONE LITERALLY EAT SHIT AND DIE.

We declared this AWESOME. Of course it would only be used in very dire circumstances, but how awesome it would be when it was used. Can you tell we have a hostility-type deal going on at our school?

Now for the regularly scheduled part of the blog:

Today's purposed activities:
Relaxing (laying around doing what I want to)
Going to the gym for BodyPump and maybe a hip-hop class
More relaxing
Planning for next week's school
Napping or sleeping

It's going to be a very good day!

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angeljoy said...

Crap! I completely forgot about that special class. I meant to go to that!!! I hope they start it.