Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Doctor Bel Grande

OWWWWW! I went to the doctor today. She was over an hour behind and when I got into the exam room, OWWWW! She's really a good doctor, that's why I didn't leave. . . that and making sure that I'm not gonna drop dead in the near future. I won't go into the procedure, because it's somewhat oogey. I'm really glad that ordeal is over. I'll go back for the results in about two weeks.

Things going on today:

1) Reading some of My Antonia
2) Beginning the cleaning of the closet (not a metaphysical situation, the literal one in my room)
3) Napping
4) Making a delicious, nutritious dinner
5) Drinking untold quantities of water, but not too much
6) Laundering (again, a literal thing)

I had lunch with one of my best girlfriends today at a lovely place in town. A teriyaki salmon wrap is number one. Put that with a salad of field greens and a vinaigrette and you have DELICIOUS!

Went to BodyPump this morning and then did 3.07 miles treadmillin' it. I'm trying to decide how my regime will fare when school starts. It's been nice to do about two hours of working out first thing in the morning, but once school starts, bye-bye to that luxury. If I don't decide now and have a plan, it'll be trouble. I have had several epiphanies this summer. One is if I have even a loose plan, I'm more likely to follow through with scheduled workouts. Also, I can't say/write enough about and how just knowing that I want to have something to record on my calendar will oftentimes pry my buttocks off the couch (not in that gross "Nip/Tuck" way either, yikes!).

Wow, what is the deal with Lindsey? Bless that girl. She really needs somebody to read her the riot act. I hope this deal will work, because she can't have that many more chances coming her way. It's sad, I can remember seeing her in The Parent Trap, which I thought was pretty good. Then again, it did have the DQ factor (Not Dairy Queen, although it is awesome at the appropriate time. I'm talking Dennis Quaid.) Regardless, she seemed like a charming child then. I wish her the best.

Okay, I'm feeling pity for a spoiled-rotten person. It's time to quit this for now.

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