Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Establishing Contact

Today was a VERY happy day. There was more cleaning. My sister helped a ton by shredding papers. I'm still trying to organize everything. I went through a box my momma gave me last year. It was full of mementos-- mostly letters, pictures, and newspaper clippings. I noticed that two people who were in my eighth grade band picture have died. It's kind of sobering.

That spurred me to establish contact (I'd been trying for a couple of days because of one classmate's death) with my DEAREST friend from high school. We talked for over an hour. It is so fun to get back in touch. She is up there with my sister in the supermom category. How do these people do it? It makes me tired to think of all the things they have to do. Anyway, I have determined that a true friend is one who is without pretense. My friend, hereafter referred to as Big E (not because of size, but because of awesomeness), and I can always just pick up a conversation at any point. We like to keep up with each other, but if several years intervene, there's no hostility (that is discernible to me) and I certainly feel none towards her. It's so funny, she's just the same way she was when we met in the eighth grade.

All this was after having dinner with my dear friend (and awesome hairstylist/hair cutter person) I'll call Hippy (short for Hippy Chick). She is really an awesome person. Hippie has cut my hair for about five years. She is so cute. She is funky and always trying to do something different-- not in the, "Hey, I'm cool. Look at me trying to be edgy." sort of way. I don't know if there's a color her hair hasn't been and it always looks cute. She pursues knowledge like me! We really enjoy talking about books we're reading and the joy of being smarty-pants types.

After a LONG absence, a former big-brother type friend has come back into my e-mail. He's someone I was REALLY mad at for a while, but time passes and things get into focus. You can't unring a bell, but that doesn't mean you should melt the bell back down to nothingness. I'll call this guy Bubba. Not because he's a stupid southerner, because he's not. Sometimes I think he would like people to think that just so he could surprise them later. He's brilliant at people stuff. I am looking forward to getting reacquainted with him.

Well, thanks to you all for a great day! Over and out!

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angeljoy said...

Ok, thanks for pushing me over the edge. I can now leave comments here and at my other favorite google bloggers. thanks for being that kind of friend!