Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don't Ask Me to Bring a Snack

Okay, today I went HARD on the weight workout. It was awesome, I was so in it, etc. I got home and needed to make a snacky-type treat for an oyster roast that I was to attend. Okay, let the record show that I've not had Rice Krispies Treats in years, I think. Well, that's the way I acted this afternoon. I carefully heated the butter/margarine, then slowly brought the marshmallows up to their melting point, but not too hot. OH MY WORD! How delicious are these treats!?! Well, to answer that, so delicious I proceeded to eat about half the pan of them! So, I took my 16 little treats to the oyster roast and confessed. My friends were nice enough to say, "Well, at least it was low in fat." Love her so much. I'll call her Mathy Mathster. She's my department head and totally awesome. Brilliant, yet fun.

I was pretty good after the treats, drinking alot of water. But GEEZ, why do I insist on doing this?!?

Ugh. This means I need to walk either in the morning or tomorrow afternoon. I'll be at the 'rents, so morning will probably be best.

Two days at home. Will I make it through the battle of wills with my diddy? Our personalities are so similar we can hardly stand each other. Don't get me wrong, I love him and he'd do anything for me and vice-versa. We just can't be in confined spaces for extended period of time.

Happy thanksgiving to you all!

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angeljoy said...

---=[]'(the preceding comment has been brought to you by Monet, the cat.)
Don't beat yourself up over the treats. It was a moment. It passed. You don't do that everyday. You'll work it off. See you at bp Sunday? ;)