Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh Good Grocery Stores, Please Deliver Me!

I want a real grocery store! I now have Wal*Mart and it's driving me NUTS! I hate all the stupid crap they have. There're a few selections that are good/healthy/organic, etc. This town is so ANNOYING.

It would be awesome to go to a store that has a good selection of organic meats. I am a carnivore, yes a carnivore. I realize that according to all kinds of groups, I am single-handedly causing destruction and mayhem all the way from the polar ice caps to the rainforests. So, a hamburger that is produced organically, how bad can that be?

In another arena, I would like to address Sonny Perdue's praying for rain. I kind of feel as if it wasn't exactly an awesome idea to use state time, resources, etc. BUT, how about the FREETHIHNKERS didn't want him to do this. What? You would think that Freethinkers would pretty much want anyone to do whatever s/he deems appropriate to get the rain to come. Indian rain dance? Sure. Wiccan summonses? Absolutely. But praying to God? Fuggettaboudit. This is absolutely hysterical to me. Why are people open to any form of religion except Christianity? I just don't get this. I'm a Christian who currently worships in a Methodist church. I think that I am right, but so does the Buddhist down the street and the Muslim over at the college. I believe that the way I believe is the only way, but why would I want to stop others from exercising their religion? They, like me, are doing what they think is best for them. I mean they are just as convinced that they are right as I am, otherwise why would they be practicing their religion, assuming that they aren't just doing it because a parent/family member is making them. (Hey, I'm talking adults here.)

You can't win in this situation either. The "Freethinkers" have it covered. If it doesn't rain, it's because there's not God to hear the prayer. If it does rain, there's still no God, it was gonna rain anyway.

Maybe they're on to something. . . ? No, they're just ACLUing it.

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