Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gone Baby Gone

Okay, Snoopy and I declared that a movie must be watched this weekend. Since we'd seen the previews, we were pretty geeked about seeing This Christmas. We will, but for some reason, the theater which is great at pandering to idiots and 14-year-old boys, had Gone Baby Gone again. It was there for about five minutes when it came out, or maybe a week later. I'm sure that it was due to a clerical error or something of that nature.
This movie was heavily hawked on ESPN radio, my one true love. Incidentally, it means that I absolutely MUST see No Country for Old Men, which has been advertised SO often that I've memorized the commercial.
Can I just say that I always thought that Matt Damon was the brains behind the Good Will Hunting? I am wrong. Ben Affleck goes political so often and rants unintelligently (IMNSHO) that I am absolutely gobsmacked by how awesomely this movie was made. Some things I really appreciated were the fact that often, during really intense scenes, instead of having deafening music or sounds of some sort, there was just silence. I was loving that. I really miss that, which I guess is why I enjoy older movies. They let the dialog and characters build the mood rather than manipulating you with music.
Casey Affleck, yes, he's Ben's brother, and the other star, Michelle Monaghan were excellent as a young couple who were hired by a family member to investigate the disappearance of a little girl. I need not tell you that Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris were fantastic. But the guy I remember from Some Kind of Wonderful as the hard-working dad Keith disappoints by spending his savings on earrings for a girl. Snoopy also added that he was Judge Reinhold's partner in Beverly Hills Cop. His name is John Ashton and he was good also.
There were twists and turns. Snoopy figured it out right at the end. I don't even try to figure these things out. I enjoy being surprised.
If it is near you at a discount cinema, you'll want to see it. And renting it is a total no-brainer. You'll like it.

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