Struggles of a Teacher Person

Struggles of a Teacher Person
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday, sniffle

Well, I sit here with my hot green tea with honey watching the new show Duel. I am intoxicated by Mike Greenberg or "Greenie" as he's referred to on the ESPN Radio (and TV) show. It's a better class of game show, but still a little slow. Greenberg's hosting skills are pretty good, although it'd be nice for him not to say, "You're watching Duel on ABC," quite as much. To their credit, the questions are on a pretty good level, they're a little more than the average person would know, but not so difficult that people will not watch due to their difficulty. It's WAY better than NBC's I Am Greedy a.k.a. Deal or No Deal which has no intellectual aspect whatsoever. But why must ABC kill a show by having it on for six nights in a row? Ugh?!?
Today went well. I told the kids that I was sick and medicated (OTC meds only) and that I might be a less-reliable-than-normal source. I sneezed and sanitized all day long. Some students took advantage of asking questions that will be on the final, while others did nothing. I figure they will reward or punish themselves with their own behavior. I gave each class the opportunity to replace up to five daily grades with extra credit. I believe that's MORE than charitable.
I'm going to finish watching Duel and maybe take a peek at the choir show.
May your evening and tomorrow be as awesome as you are equipped to handle!

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